Planning a Memorial: Choosing the Appropriate Tone


When a friend or family member passes away, it is common for funeral or memorial services to be held. There is a great deal of planning that goes into funeral and memorial services in East Tennessee because they serve as a way to honor the life of the person who meant so much .

There are different elements of a funeral ceremony or memorial that must be considered, and one of these is tone. It’s important that the family or friends who are planning the funeral choose a tone that is appropriate for their needs.

In recent years, there has been somewhat of a shift in the tone of funerals. Traditionally, funerals have always been a somber occasion, but more and more families are opting to incorporating elements that celebrate the life of the deceased. In part, this is due to pre-planning funeral arrangements because it allows the wishes of the person who has passed away to be carried out.

Some individuals see pre-planning a funeral as a chance to emphasize different aspects of their life that set them apart. People who love a particular type of music or a sports team might want to somehow incorporate those elements into their funerals and memorials.

Funerals help the family and friends who are left behind cope with the loss while at the same time commemorating a life well-lived. Funerals can be as unique as they individuals they honor. Whether they include religious aspects or cultural traditions, it is possible to incorporate elements that set the desired tone at a funeral or memorial.

One way that tone is set at funeral services is by the type of music that is played. A carefully chosen selection of funeral music can soothe those who are grieving as well as honor the life of the deceased.

Another way to set the tone while planning a memorial or funeral is through the chosen readings. Whether or not there is a eulogy or religious reading plays a role in the tone. Poetry, sacred texts and other written passages can lend a distinctive feeling to the ceremony. Allowing attendees to take part in the service and even contribute their thoughts/share memories can affect tone as well.

Visual displays also assist in creating a funeral or memorial’s tone. Here at Gentry Griffey, we offer the option of a celebration of life DVD with photos and special memories. We also encourage families to display photos and other memorabilia if they choose. These things personalize the experience and only further allow families to honor their loved ones who have passed.

Gentry Griffey has been offering families a source of comfort and peace of mind for more than 60 years. We understand that each person is a special gift and each life should be celebrated in the same manner.

If you are interested in planning a special memorial or Celebration of Life ceremony or learning more about the pre-planning funeral services we provide here at Gentry Griffey, we would be happy to speak with you. Contact us at 865-689-4481 or

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