Life’s Many Seasons

fall leaves

This week brought the official start of fall with the Autumnal Equinox. Fall is a special time of year in Knoxville and the surrounding areas of East Tennessee. Football games, fall festivals and all the other harvest-themed events make for great opportunities to spend time with family, friends and loved ones.

The temperatures get crisper and it’s obvious that fall is in the air. The leaves begin changing colors and there are many areas of natural beauty in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains to view the fall foliage and enjoy being outdoors in the cooler weather.

With changing seasons, it is natural to reflect on the different seasons in life and how each one presents different joys and challenges. From growing up and all the excitement that childhood brings to the learning and changing seasons of young adulthood and later years.

We believe that time is a precious gift and should be spent with the ones you hold dear. Life passes all too quickly and as we offer our services to families who have lost a loved one, we are always reminded that you can never spend too much time with the ones who matter most.

We encourage you to spend this next season making new memories with your friends and family. Take the time to make that lunch date you’ve been putting off. Or pick up the phone for a long-overdue chat with a long-distance friend or relation. You won’t regret those moments of connection and it will only strengthen the bonds between you.

And when you are faced with the challenge of saying goodbye to a loved one, you can feel more peace knowing that there are professionals who can make this difficult experience easier on you.

We understand that death is a natural part of life, and even though any loss is always hard, we believe that each life should be honored and memorialized in a way that is fitting to the person.

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