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Though cremation has long been an option for end of life, there is still much misunderstanding about what it is and why it is the choice of many families and individuals.

Cremation is not final disposition of remains, nor is it a type of funeral service but is instead an alternative to earth burial or entombment. Cremation often follows a traditional funeral service.

Sometimes we meet with families who wish to choose cremation, but feel they can’t because it prohibits them from having a funeral service or viewing. This is a commonly held belief, however it is incorrect.

If you would like to have some sort of viewing prior to cremation, Gentry Griffey can help make those arrangements. There is no reason that you can’t have the memorial service you wish, regardless of whether you choose cremation or burial.

As Knoxville’s only funeral chapel with its own on-site crematory, Gentry Griffey can handle the arrangements for a viewing or receiving of friends as well as a cremation and this gives the families we serve peace of mind knowing their friend or loved one is always in the care of our trained and dedicated staff and will be taken care of in the most respectful manner, with the greatest of dignity.

Some cultures and religious faiths choose to be present at the time of cremation and we offer this as a possibility as well. In fact, many religious faiths recognize cremation as a possible option.

If you or your family is planning to have a memorial service after the cremation has taken place, you may choose among the many different types of urns for your loved one’s remains. We find that some families are comforted when the remains are present at the memorial or celebration of life ceremony.

After the memorial service or ceremonies, families can choose to keep the remains at home as well as bury them in a cemetery lot or cremation garden. There is also the option of scattering the ashes at a place or location that holds significance for the family or deceased.  If a family would like to scatter the ashes during the memorial service, that can be arranged as well.

Reasons given by families for choosing cremation can include the flexibility it affords in ceremony planning, environmental concerns or the simplicity and dignity it provides.

If you would like to learn more about the cremation or funeral pre-planning options we offer, please contact us. A member of our staff is waiting to answer any questions you might have or to set up a tour of our beautiful Fountain City funeral home. Call us at (865) 689-4481 or email

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