Transferring Existing Funeral Arrangements

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We’ve spoken on our blog about the importance of funeral pre-planning. Not only is pre-planning helpful in offering families peace of mind during a time of grief, it also allows them to carefully choose a funeral package and make arrangements that line up with their end of life wishes as well as budgetary requirements.

At Gentry Griffey, we’ve been serving the needs of families in Knoxville and East Tennessee for more than 60 years. During this time, we’ve worked hard to earn the trust of the families we work with. Families often come to us with many questions and we are honored to be their source of information.

One question we are often asked at Gentry Griffey has to do with transferring existing funeral arrangements if and when a family moves to a different city. Years ago, most people were born, grew up and spent their entire lives in the same town. Now, people might move several times within a single year.

There are many reasons families and individuals might need to relocate. Moving to another city to take a new job or to be closer to a loved one are two popular reasons.

No matter why you move, it’s important to remember that your funeral pre-planning arrangements can be transferred with you.

Whether you set up pre-arrangements in a nearby city or town or even another state, Gentry Griffey can handle the transfer of your funeral arrangements to your new home in Knoxville. And if you are living in Knoxville, but aren’t sure you will stay here, don’t let this stop you from making pre-arrangements either.

Death is not something that anyone particularly enjoys thinking about, but the circumstances that come with it are difficult enough as it is. It only makes a difficult situation harder on your loved ones by neglecting to make arrangements in advance.

If you or your loved one is interested in learning more about transferring an existing funeral arrangement or any of the other pre-planning funeral services we provide here at Gentry Griffey, we would be happy to speak with you. Contact us at 865-689-4481 or

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