Planning a Memorial: Choosing the Appropriate Time

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Much careful planning goes into preparations for funeral services when a friend or loved one passes away. Family, friends and acquaintances often travel from far and wide to attend and pay their last respects or offer a word of encouragement to those grieving left behind.

One recent trend with memorial services is that more and more families are waiting for some time to pass before they hold the services.

For example, maybe an unexpected death occurs and the family has not had ample time to plan a memorial. In this case, some families have a private burial ceremony following the loved one’s passing and then plan a larger memorial or celebration of life in the future.

A reason for this trend might have to do with the fact that many families and loved ones are separated by miles and distance. Waiting to hold the memorial until a later date, when all the close friends and relatives can ensure travel plans and scheduling, is a choice to consider. This also provides a sense of comfort for the grieving family since it means more of their loved ones could attend to give respects.

Sometimes the weather or other extenuating circumstances prohibit families from being able to hold the memorial they wish to have. If a loved one specified that he or she wanted an outdoor, garden ceremony this might be difficult to carry out in the middle of winter.

But waiting for a period of time can give the family the chance to grieve as well as make plans that their loved one would have wanted.

Grief is a personal thing and anyone who has experienced knows that while time helps, it never completely takes away the pain of losing someone dear to you. But it’s important for grieving families to feel that they were given flexibility and options when choosing the appropriate time to honor their loved one.

There are always some unknowns when it comes to death. This is why we recommend pre-planning funeral arrangements to ensure that when the passing occurs you don’t have to fret over the specifics. Here at Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory, we seek to provide the families we serve with peace of mind.

Maybe you’ve been thinking of learning more about pre-planning funeral services that are available. Perhaps you’d like to hold a memorial for a family member who has already passed away. No matter what your unique needs are, we would be happy to speak with you and offer any assistance you might need. Contact us at 865-689-4481 or

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