Knoxville Funeral Options: Celebration of Life Memorials

candlesWhen a dear friend or loved one passes away, it’s natural for the ones left behind to wish to honor the life and legacy of that person.

Funeral and memorial services can be sad or difficult, but celebrating your loved one’s memory is a way to take comfort in the midst of grief.

Just as each person is unique, each funeral or memorial service can be unique as well. This allows families to feel as though their loved ones’ individual personalities are expressed and celebrated.

Here at Gentry Griffey, we find that the most meaningful services are those that are the most personal. We encourage the families we serve to include personal touches to their funeral and memorial service arrangements.

One common myth about using a funeral chapel to handle your arrangements is that they have to be traditional in style and take place in a chapel or church. This is definitely not the case at Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory.

While we do have a lovely chapel and other facilities on-site for families who might choose that option, we can handle arrangements for Celebration of Life ceremonies any time and anywhere. From the church a deceased loved one attended to his favorite golf course, there’s really no limit to the options for a funeral or memorial setting.

A few other ways to make a funeral or Celebration of Life ceremony more meaningful include:

  • Display Photos – Having photos on display of your loved one and other friends and family members is a way to celebrate his or her life. Remembering happy times and fond memories can be comforting during times of grief. 
  • Music Selection – Traditional music is wonderful, but it doesn’t always fully express the personality of the deceased. If there are other favorite songs or beloved musical styles, incorporate them into the service to make it more personal and meaningful.
  • Family & Friend Participation – Having a friend or family member take part in the service is a special way to make a funeral or memorial service more personal. Perhaps ask them to share a poem, favorite written passage or even just a few words from the heart to honor your loved one who passed away.
  • Sharing Memories – Another way to make a celebration of life memorial more meaningful is by asking attendees to share some of their favorite memories of the deceased. You can provide note cards or let friends and family know they can sign the online guest book provided by Gentry Griffey.

Gentry Griffey has been the premier North Knoxville funeral home for more than 60 years. We offer families a source of comfort and peace of mind during an otherwise difficult time. We understand that each person is a special gift and each life should be celebrated in the same manner.

If you are interested in planning a special memorial or Celebration of Life ceremony or learning more about the pre-planning funeral services we provide here at Gentry Griffey, we would be happy to speak with you. Contact us at 865-689-4481 or

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