Pre-payment can be a very valuable option

Today I heard a very popular financial advice provider state on the radio that, while he whole-heartedly agrees that pre-planning one’s final wishes is a great thing to do, he disagrees that pre-paying for a funeral is a wise thing to do. He cited the example of taking that funeral expense amount and instead investing that amount in a vehicle that would provide for growth over time, concluding that everyone would be better served to invest their money and leave it to their families to pay for that pre-planned funeral when the time comes.

We completely agree with the advisor that pre-arrangement of your funeral is ideal. By pre-arranging your funeral details, you spare your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions during a time of grief and help control costs to reduce emotional overspending. You also ensure that your wishes are well-documented and carried out.

However, we often find that families who contact us do not have the adequate funds to pay for the funeral their loved one deserves. Many have already asked for family and friends to help contribute and simply have no further financial resources to rely upon. If you and your family fall into the category of not keeping an adequate amount of liquid assets to pay for a funeral, you may want to seriously consider pre-funding your funeral.

We can work out a customized pre-payment plan to fit all budgets. If you would like to remove or reduce this financial obligation from your family during their time of grief, we would love to assist you.